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S.E.G. - Soc. Equip. Gráficos, Lda


SEG commercialize products and equipments for the industry of Screenprinting and filtration.
We have a wide range of inks, fabrics, frames, emulsions, etc… and rely on a team highly specialized, capable of providing all kinds of advice and assistance.
We also represent the most prestigious brands in the Screen Printing, pad printing, Digital and Filtration, such as SEFAR, FOTECO, VISPROX, SUN CHEMICAL and WATTS.

Screen Printing and Pad Printing Inks | plastics

The ultimate gloss range of inks for flat plastics, combining excellent press stability, nonblocking and unsurpassed outdoor durability, with excellent adhesion and alcohol and petrol resistance.
Print over self adhesive, flexible and rigid PVC, top coa

Coates screen

UV curing ink for printing on polypropylene and pre-treated polyethylene containers, cosmetic and industrial polyolefin or PET-G containers, where resistance to oils, detergents and alcohol based cosmetics is required. 1 or two components.

UV curing inks, which have been especially developed for printing on pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene (foils or panels) and PET.

Gloss Polycat
Gloss Polycat – Solvent based two-pack ink for printing on beer containers, cosmetic and industrial polyolefin containers, where resistance to oils, detergents and alcohol is required and polyethylene and polypropylene containers.

TCI 8700
Air drying 1 or 2 component ink, for printing on aluminium, pvc, pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene and various other synthetics materials.

NTS 4400
Gloss finish, slow drying 2-component ink, for the printing on retro reflective foils for traffic signs, medium or long term.

Multiflat 1100
UV ink with semi matt finish, flexible, with a fast polymerization in UV tunnel. Are specially formulated for printing on heat sensitive subtracts, good chemical resistance and good outside durability.

A range of UV curing gloss inks designed for the confident printing of a wide range of flat plastic substrates, combining exceptional cure speed and reliable adhesion in paper and board, selfadhesive, rigid and flexible PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, top c

Matt finish, printing over a wide range of plan plastic materials: self adhesive, rigid or flexible pvc, polycarbonate, polystyrene, coated polyester and other synthetic materials.

GP 5500
Slow drying. For printing in self-adhesive, flexible or rigid pvc, polycarbonate, acrylics, polyester and other synthetic materials. Gloss ink.