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S.E.G. - Soc. Equip. Gráficos, Lda


SEG commercialize products and equipments for the industry of Screenprinting and filtration.
We have a wide range of inks, fabrics, frames, emulsions, etc… and rely on a team highly specialized, capable of providing all kinds of advice and assistance.
We also represent the most prestigious brands in the Screen Printing, pad printing, Digital and Filtration, such as SEFAR, FOTECO, VISPROX, SUN CHEMICAL and WATTS.

Screen Printing and Pad Printing Inks | textile

Plastisol inks, easy-to-use can be printed wet-on-wet with minimum pick-up and are ideal for both direct and transfer printing onto most natural and synthetic fabrics.

Ink for printing on nylon and polyester fabrics, direct and transfer printing. 1 or 2 components.

Ink for direct printing on nylon and polyester fabrics, boat sails, umbrellas, sports bags. 1 or 2 components.

POM 4700
Plastisol ink for direct or transfer printing, onto natural or synthetic fabrics.
Can be printed wet-on-wet.

Texprint 400
Lacquer to be coloured with pigment, producing covering colours to print on dark fabrics.

Texprint 200
Base to be coloured with pigment to print on white fabrics.