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S.E.G. - Soc. Equip. Gráficos, Lda


SEG commercialize products and equipments for the industry of Screenprinting and filtration.
We have a wide range of inks, fabrics, frames, emulsions, etc… and rely on a team highly specialized, capable of providing all kinds of advice and assistance.
We also represent the most prestigious brands in the Screen Printing, pad printing, Digital and Filtration, such as SEFAR, FOTECO, VISPROX, SUN CHEMICAL and WATTS.

Screen process stencil material

Knife-cut masking films for manual or plotter applications, red or amber.

Capillary films: standard diazo, diazo-photopolymer, pure photopolymer, extra thick until
700 μm for CD/DVD

Emulsions: standard diazo, diazo-photopolymer, one component presensitized, direct addition of sensitizer, projection. Resistant to solvent based inks, water or UV.

A complete range of products for screen preparation and stencil treatment: removers,
degreasers, ghost images cleaners, etc.

Indirect gelatine photographic stencil film resistant to solvent based inks.

Round brushes, coating troughs (0,5 and 1,0 mm), screen adhesive, seep tape, precision-cutting tools, devices to measure emulsion humidity, etc.

Hand-cut water or solvent resistant stencil films, usable on cutting plotters.