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S.E.G. - Soc. Equip. Gráficos, Lda


SEG commercialize products and equipments for the industry of Screenprinting and filtration.
We have a wide range of inks, fabrics, frames, emulsions, etc… and rely on a team highly specialized, capable of providing all kinds of advice and assistance.
We also represent the most prestigious brands in the Screen Printing, pad printing, Digital and Filtration, such as SEFAR, FOTECO, VISPROX, SUN CHEMICAL and WATTS.

Copying Equipment

MH instant light source
Simple or combined exposure units with vacuum and dryer. Lights of 1500, 3500 or 5500 W.

Actinic light source
Light source for frames exposure with vacuum and dryer. Useful formats of 105x135 and 130x160 cm.

Frames washing tanks
In stainless steel with frame and light adjustable support.