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S.E.G. - Soc. Equip. Gráficos, Lda


SEG commercialize products and equipments for the industry of Screenprinting and filtration.
We have a wide range of inks, fabrics, frames, emulsions, etc… and rely on a team highly specialized, capable of providing all kinds of advice and assistance.
We also represent the most prestigious brands in the Screen Printing, pad printing, Digital and Filtration, such as SEFAR, FOTECO, VISPROX, SUN CHEMICAL and WATTS.

Substrates for printing

Thinners are solvents mixtures that allow modifying certain characteristics of the inks, which allow adapting them to printing and drying mode, regarding the substrate and drawing to print. A cleaning solvent is not a mixture thinner. To each one of our inks series corresponds certain thinners, retarders, bases and cleaning solvents whose references are indicated in the technical data of the inks.
Digital transfer paper
For the printing in copiers or laser printers. Dark or light backgrounds.

Transfer paper
For screen or litho printing (with a white backup plastisol). Several thicknesses. Cold
peel heat transfers.

Polycarbonate films Lexan®
Thermoplastics with high resistance to impact and temperature. Excellent electric values, great dimensional stability, easy to cut. For industrial screen-printing, keyboards, displays, decoration, etc. Several finishes with thickness of 125 to 750 μm. Ca

Polycarbonate plates Lexan®
With the same characteristics of the films, but with thickness of 0,750 to 4 mm.

PVC films
Several thicknesses, flat or textured finish, transparent or white.
Several colors and thicknesses of methacrylate (acrylic) plates and foamed rigid pvc.

Polyester films ST and LT
PET films thermo stabilized colourless with great mechanical resistance: for graphic utilization, circuits, membranes, etc. Can be printed with solvent or UV inks.

Photoluminescence PVC plates
Plate thickness of 1,2 mm. Accomplish the norms DIN from EU: light intensity, fire behaviour and resistance to the salt vapour. Can be printed with solvent or UV inks.

methacrylate (acrylic) and rigid foamed pvc plates
Substrates for printing - methacrylate (acrylic) and rigid foamed pvc plates